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Def Leppard ‎– Vinyl Collection Volume One: 9LP BOX SET



9LP Limited Edition Box Set


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On Through The Night
A1 Rock Brigade 3:10
A2 Hello America 3:20
A3 Sorrow Is A Woman 3:50
A4 It Could Be You 2:33
A5 Satellite 4:10
A6 When The Walls Came Tumblin’ Down 4:30
B1 Wasted 3:40
B2 Rocks Off 3:35
B3 It Don’t Matter 3:20
B4 Answer To The Master 3:10
B5 Overture 7:45
High ‘N’ Dry
C1 Let It Go 4:43
C2 Another Hit And Run 4:59
C3 High ‘N’ Dry 3:25
C4 Bringin’ On The Heartbreak 4:33
C5 Switch 625 3:03
D1 You Got Me Runnin’ 4:22
D2 Lady Strange 4:40
D3 On Through The Night 5:06
D4 Mirror Mirror (Look Into My Eyes) 4:07
D5 No No No 3:05
E1 Rock! Rock! (Till You Drop) 3:54
E2 Photograph 4:07
E3 Stagefright 3:44
E4 Too Late For Love 4:26
E5 Die Hard The Hunter 6:15
F1 Foolin’ 4:33
F2 Rock Of Ages 4:07
F3 Comin’ Under Fire 4:14
F4 Action Not Words 3:48
F5 Billy’s Got A Gun 5:56
G1 Women 5:41
G2 Rocket 6:34
G3 Animal 4:04
H1 Love Bites 5:46
H2 Pour Some Sugar On Me 4:25
H3 Armageddon It 5:21
I1 Gods Of War 6:33
I2 Don’t Shoot Shotgun 4:26
I3 Run Riot 4:38
J1 Hysteria 5:54
J2 Excitable 4:19
J3 Love And Affection 4:35
Live At The L.A. Forum 1983
K1 Rock! Rock! (Till You Drop) 4:16
K2 Rock Brigade 3:25
K3 High ‘N’ Dry (Saturday Night) 3:22
K4 Another Hit And Run 6:14
L1 Billy’s Got A Gun 4:43
L2 Mirror Mirror (Look Into My Eyes) 4:24
L3 Foolin’ 4:59
L4 Photograph 4:03
M1 Rock Of Ages 4:53
M2 Bringin’ On The Heartbreak 4:06
M3 Switch 625 3:23
M4 Let It Go 5:56
N1 Wasted 5:55
N2 Stagefright 4:55
N3 Travelin’ Band
Guitar [Guest] – Brian May
Written By – John Fogerty
Rarities – Volume One
O1 Wasted (Single Version) 3:01
O2 Hello America (Single Version) 3:05
O3 Good Morning Freedom 3:08
O4 Bringin’ On The Heartbreak (Remix) 4:28
O5 Me And My Wine (Remix) 3:40
P1 Tear It Down 3:38
P2 I Wanna Be Your Hero 4:32
P3 Ride Into The Sun (Re-Recording) 3:04
P4 Ring Of Fire 4:36
P5 Release Me
Written-By – Eddie Miller (3), James Pebworth, Robert Yount
The Def Leppard E.P.
Q1 Ride Into The Sun
Q2 Getcha Rocks Off
R1 The Overture
Mastered By – Ronan McHugh
All the records are 180 gram vinyl, mastered by Ronan McHugh.

“On Through The Night” artwork: rare Australian gatefold sleeve.
“Live At The L.A. Forum 1983” and “Rarities: Volume One” released for the first time on vinyl.
The 7″ is a replica of the original “Def Leppard EP”.

The boxset includes a 40-page booklet containing introductions from Joe Elliot, Phil Collins, Rick Savage and Rick Allen, exclusive Ross Halfin photos and new essays by Paul Elliot.

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